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Am I ready to be a parent?

Even if you planned for it, the idea of parenting can still be daunting. The prospect of raising a child, and all of the physical, emotional and financial implications that come along with parenting, can be very stressful. However, you are not alone.


One undoubtedly important thing when parenting, regardless of whether you were expecting it or not, is a strong support system for the child. Of course, as their parent, that system begins with you, and many things go into creating a strong support system. However, we recognize that not everyone has such a system in place and may consider themselves unprepared to be a parent for a variety of reasons,  including:

  • You have a partner who does not want to be a parent
  • Your family is not supportive of your pregnancy
  • Your job and/or education is your top priority
  • You do not have the financial resources to properly raise a child
  • You do not feel old enough to competently raise a child


New Direction Women’s Center can help you work through your questions and concerns about parenting. We can help provide you with the information and resources you need to make an informed decision, no matter what your decision may be. Contact us today!