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Medical Personnel

Dr. Antoine Khoury, MD

Dr. Antoine EL Khoury, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology is the doctor for New Direction Women's Center. He practices in Great Barrington, MA.

Robin Loughman, RN/Sonographer

Robin is an RN/Sonographer at New Direction Women's Center. Robin helps New Direction by providing clients with ultrasounds.

Client Support

Susan Kustra, Client Advocate

Susan Kustra is a volunteer at New Direction Women's Center, and has been for four years. She is a Client Advocate assisting young moms and mothers-to-be by equipping them with positive parenting resources.

Susan Brandon, Client Advocate and Client Manager

Susan Brandon has been a volunteer at New Direction Women's Center since 2012. She has a passion for helping equip young men and women in their new roles as parents-to-be and understands the need to have support during this time in their lives.

Office Staff

Charlene James, Office Assistant

Charlene James has volunteered as an office assistant for New Direction Women's Center for the last five years. She provides help to young women and men, by encouraging them to make better choices and educating them on how to be good and informed parents.

Emma Harris, Office Receptionist

Emma Harris is the receptionist at New Direction Women's Center. She helps manage the day-to-day operations of the center, including greeting clients, scheduling appointments, and more.

Judy Williams, Executive Director

Judy Williams is the founding Director of New Direction Women's Center. In addition to overseeing center operations, Judy is currently focused on equipping New Direction Women's Center to provide select medical services, giving clients free access to ultrasounds and STI testing.